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DEMINETEC deminers come for all or part of the demining services of the French Ministry of Defence.

The qualifications held are at several levels and correspond to the NATO standards (Stanag 2143) defining the qualifications of workers on ammunition and explosives (EOD):

  • Speakers on Conventional Ammunition and Explosives (IMEC / CMD 1&2);

  • Interveners on Improvised Explosive Devices (IEEI);

  • Interveners on Special Ammunition (IMS / BCMD);


These "technical" qualifications of DEMINETEC deminers are supported by additional diplomas and qualifications, namely:

  • Level 1 diplomas (MASTER 2) in QSE Management of pyrotechnic depollution operations;

  • Qualifications "Site manager and operators in pyrotechnic depollution" in accordance with the decree of 05/22/2013;

  • Prefectural authorizations for the use of explosive products;

  • Shooting officer certificates in accordance with the decree of 05/26/1997;

  • first aid workers at work;

  • Workers in SS4 asbestos environments;


Finally, DEMINETEC deminers comply with the modified decree 2005-1325 and undergo quarterly training in order to maintain and update their knowledge and know-how.


These quarterly training supported by the initial assessment of each DEMINETEC employee according to the decree of January 23, 2006 allow the delivery of authorizations to the workstations of:

  • site managers in pyrotechnic depollution,

  • pyrotechnic pollution control operators,

  • and assistant operators in pyrotechnic depollution,


in accordance with the legislation in force.

ISO 9001:2015 certified

ISO 14001:2015 certified

ISO 45001:2018 certified

PRO PPS 051 Hyperbaric Company Certification

MASE certificate  

déminage certification
Artificier démineur
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