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In order to reduce the areas of effects related to pyrotechnic depollution work, DEMINETEC is able to implement protective screens or ballistic protection.

Protective screens are intended to reduce the effects linked to the accidental detonation of ammunition (blast effect, projection effect and thermal effect). The screens that we deploy can be made up of several types of materials and are modular in order to meet all the constraints of size (type of ammunition), position (depth, environment in the basement) and orientation (one or several installations to be protected).

The ballistic protections developed by DEMINETEC are of 2 kinds  (depending on the reference ammunition  : 155mm or 250Kg bomb) and are intended to stop the initial projection effect and reduce or direct the blast effect.

These protections, from a few tons to several thousand tons depending on the ammunition, take more or less time to implement (from 10 minutes to 2 days) and sometimes require prior preparation of the ground.

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Explosion protection balistique
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