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Demining works are sensitive operations. They are a prerequisite for any intrusive operation on land whose historical analysis and diagnosis of pyrotechnic pollution will have identified targets likely to be similar to munitions (UXO) or explosive remnants of war (ERW).

To do this DEMINETEC implements a series of pyrotechnic operations (described in the pyrotechnic safety study) which will lead the demining technician from the reimplantation of the potential target to its discovery by a mechanical and/or manual approach. depending on its depth.

The primary goal being to ensure the safety of property and people, the operations will be carried out with great care by trained and authorized demining technicians, all supervised by an experienced site manager.

DEMINETEC is able to provide the necessary guarantees for the quality and safety of these operations in perfect harmony with the regulatory requirements and the constraints of the contracting authority.

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