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The diagnosis of pyrotechnic pollution aims to find all the anomalies present in the subsoil and likely to be similar to unexploded pyrotechnic devices (UXO) or explosive remnants of war (ERW).

The means used by DEMINETEC are essentially of 2 types  :

  • Magnetometry which can be either FLUXGATE or TOTAL FIELD measurement  ;

  • Electromagnetism which can be either TDEM (Time Domain ElectroMagnetic or EM temporal analysis) or GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar or Georadar)  ;

Each of these methods can be used depending on the type of ammunition sought, the possible burial depths, the composition of the terrain and the environment of the latter.

Concerning magnetometry, the principle is to measure the earth's magnetic field and to identify during this measurement the ferrous anomalies (iron wire, container, IPN, ammunition, etc.) which disturb it.

Data analysis is done via a software interface that represents the investigated area.  plan view  on which we can quickly identify anomalies (traditionally represented in red and blue).

Regarding electromagnetism, it is divided into 2 sub-processes  :

  • The TDEM emits an electromagnetic field in the ground by "  pulse  which is received and analyzed according to one or more measurement windows. This electromagnetic field creates eddy currents in buried conductive objects (ferrous or non-ferrous). The receiving coil or coils then measure the response of the magnetic field induced by these eddy currents. Data analysis is done as for magnetometry via software that represents the investigated area "  plan view  ".

  • The GPR emits an electromagnetic wave in the same way in the ground but this time the energy used is reflected by the zones of change of dielectric constant (zone of change of mediums  : for example the interfaces between the clay and the sandstone or the plant and the embankment or in our case between the steel and a homogeneous soil). Unlike TDEM and magnetometry, the data representation is different. She is either represented  sectional view  » or in 3D depending on the means used (single or multi-antenna).

In order to complete our know-how and our capacities, DEMINETEC enlists the collaboration of the company UXOMAP for its diagnostic operations of pyrotechnic pollution.

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