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Deployed since 2019, our SUBTEC entity will be able to respond to all your underwater requests  thanks to its experience and know-how.

From expert visits to construction work and mine clearance, we work safely on all types of underwater work, in hostile environments and at very great depths.


Our skills are gathered in three areas of expertise:

Inspection & Support

– Cathodic protection control
– Sealine inspection
– Thickness measurement
– Desilting, salvage & lifting
– Hull visit
– Reinforcement of works
– Shooting & video recording

Works & maintenance

– Ship hull repair afloat, propellers or grids
– Replacement of chains
– ESM Tracking
– Repair of leaks
– Maintenance of port sites
– Welding & cutting

Pyrotechnic depollution (UXO survey & clearance)

– Diagnosis by magnetometer (G882 or Seaspy), multi-beam sounder, side sonar (SSS), sediment sounder (Sub-bottom profiler) and dynamic positioning (D-GPS coupled USBL or GAPS)  

– Identification by ROV
– Uncovering, identification and disposal of explosive ordnance (UXO)
– Destruction at sea, in compliance with regulations

For more details:

2022-04-29 14_24_40-GEODE Past-performances_2015-2022_En.pdf (PROTEGE) - Adobe Acrobat Pro
2022-04-29 14_24_09-GEODE Past-performances_2015-2022_En.pdf (PROTEGE) - Adobe Acrobat Pro
2022-04-29 14_25_59-GEODE Past-performances_2015-2022_En.pdf (PROTEGE) - Adobe Acrobat Pro
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