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As a preamble, it should be remembered that the distinction between ammunition and an inert object of substantially identical shape is impossible.

Depending on the principle used, it is also possible that a shell and a barbed wire is the same "  signature  », especially in magnetometry.

The implementation of the devices and the processing of the data must be entrusted to personnel specialized in this field (pyrotechnic diagnosis) and having the feedback essential to the incrementation of the data according to the objects brought to light.

DEMINETEC has geophysicists who have specialized in ammunition research for many years and a long experience feedback on the processing and updating of potential targets. This experience allows us today to assure our customers of the quality of our services and the guarantee of detection and depollution of their sites within the technical limits of the detection devices.

Software characterization

DEMINETEC has several magnetometric or electromagnetic data processing software.

This software (mainly developed by the manufacturers of detection equipment) is substantially identical and gives a number of indications related to the geometry and depth of objects.

This information should be taken with the greatest caution and is only indicative as it largely depends on the environment of the detected object.

Multi-method characterization

Concerning the largest objects (aircraft bombs in particular), DEMINETEC is able to provide additional characterization by 3D georadar. This method allows us to characterize more finely a ferromagnetic object present in the subsoil by an almost immediate feedback on its shape with much more precision.

This method requires being relatively close to the target to be characterized (about 1m) so as to be able to use antennas of sufficient resolution to be able to characterize this type of object.

Given the strong external constraints linked to the discovery of a target corresponding to an aviation bomb, this method is very widely recommended.

Caractérisation pyrotechnique
Caractérisation géoradar
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