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Key aspects of all pyrotechnic clearance projects are the quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) of our operations to ensure the safety of operations to be carried out following clearance operations in accordance with our commitments.


All operations carried out by DEMINETEC in demining and pyrotechnic clearance are subject to internal quality control (and external if necessary) throughout the life of the project by specially trained and designated personnel.


Quality standards  :

  • All DEMINETEC personnel are authorized in accordance with decree 2005-1325 as amended and the decree of January 23, 2006.

  • Rehabilitation takes place every year for each asset.

  • DEMINETEC's management system is in the process of being registered with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015.


Quality assurance  :

DEMINETEC is able to ensure the quality of its operations during all phases of the construction site, from diagnosis to the destruction of ammunition.

This assurance of the quality of DEMINETEC operations is essential in order to meet the requirements of the contracting authority and thus guarantee the safety of subsequent operations.


DEMINETEC will detail in each of its offers the minimum quality of the operations that will be implemented.


Will be detailed in particular for the following major phases of activity  :

  • Pyrotechnic diagnosis  :

    • Accuracy of topographic data

    • Number of measurements per second

    • No measurement sampling

    • Data recovery

    • Technological limits

  • Pyrotechnic depollution  :

    • Technological limits related to detection devices

    • Compliance or non-compliance of operations by size / depth / consistency of objects according to each methodology

    • Palliative commitment in the face of non-compliance

  • Destruction / neutralization of munitions and explosive remnants of war  :

    • Control of the absence of residual pyrotechnic products

    • Quality assurance of pre-disposal control

    • Commitment in case of non-compliance



Health and security

Health and safety are paramount in all DEMINETEC demining operations.

In particular, the following points are dealt with for each project:

  • Legislative standards are applied for all occupational health and safety issues.

  • Each project has a designated health and safety representative.

  • All staff are specially trained for the tasks they have to perform via a specific reception on each site.

  • Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided for each project in accordance with safety requirements.

  • Collective protective equipment (EPC) is planned and sized according to each site.

  • Safety-critical equipment is specifically designed to deal with each dangerous situation.



DEMINETEC offers quality assurance (QA) audits of demining and pyrotechnic clearance operations in order to guarantee the project owner the compliance of operations with the regulations in force and the proposals detailed in our technical report.


Audits include, but are not limited to the following activities:

  • Review and evaluation of all relevant documentation covering the qualifications and training of workers, the quality and adequacy of materials with the problems and the environment of the site in order to meet contractual and legislative requirements.

  • Examination and evaluation of the pyrotechnic safety study, operating methods, post instructions and declarations for compliance with regulatory texts.

  • Review of the project management structure to ensure that it meets the management, administration and logistics needs of the project.

  • Review and evaluation of proposed equipment to determine suitability.

  • Review maintenance/repair programs for safety critical equipment.

  • Audit work sites to include the following topics:

    • Communications

    • Evacuation procedures in the event of an accident (emergency year).

    • Safe Work Practices

    • Compliance with ESP, operating modes and safety instructions

    • Internal QA

    • Daily documentation

    • Completion / recording of procedures

    • Structure of the final report / DOE

Assurance qualité déminage
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