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The pyrotechnic safety study analyzes the pyrotechnic risks incurred by the workers and by the worksite environment during each of the operational phases.

This analysis should provide a spatial view of the worksite environment in order to define whether the risks incurred by the various facilities located near the site comply with the regulations.

The analysis of the installations depends on several points  :

  • The type(s) of ammunition(s) retained in the historical study

  • The possible depth of burial of these munitions

  • The estimated duration of the construction

  • Types of operations carried out

  • The probabilities of accidents retained for each of these operations and their durations.

According to these 5 points, the environment will be analyzed from 50 to 1200 m around the site subject to the work.

Depending on the position of the various facilities and their categorization (roads, fields, homes, nurseries, schools, stadiums, etc.), some of them are likely to request compensatory measures to guarantee their safety.

These measures can be of 2 kinds  :

  • Inside the construction site  : Installation of protective screens near the excavations, installation of ballistic protection on the excavations, shifting of the works (according to schedules or holidays for example), etc.

  • Outside the construction site  : Road cuts, access restrictions, installation of protective screens, confinements,  evacuations, etc.


Regarding the measures outside the site, they will in all cases be presented to the prefectural authority for implementation on the facilities affected.

Dépollution pyrotechnique
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