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Throughout the national territory, the search, neutralization, removal and destruction of ammunition, mines, traps, devices and explosives are, in accordance with article  R. 733-1 of the Internal Security Code of jurisdiction:  

  • Specialized services reporting to the minister responsible for civil security, on civilian land;  

  • Specialized services and training under the Minister of Defence, on land placed under his responsibility, in territorial waters and on the seashore, excluding the areas of non-military ports.


Nevertheless, and in accordance with Decree No. 2010-1260 of  October 22, 2010  amending Decree No. 2005-1325 of October 26, 2005 relating to the safety rules applicable during work carried out as part of a pyrotechnic depollution site, these operations can be carried out in whole or in part by private companies.


DEMINETEC intervenes in this specific context.

Our operations will require, during all intrusive phases, a consultation meeting with the competent services of the State within the framework of a partial delegation (in particular outside the rights of way of the Ministry of Defence).

This consultation meeting will make it possible to define the interfaces between DEMINETEC and the State services and in particular the phasing of the operations and the possible means to be made available.

Service de déminage
Service de déminage
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