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DEMINETE C is a private company specializing in the management of the pyrotechnic risk linked to ammunition, the search for ammunition by geophysical diagnosis, mine clearance (pyrotechnic clearance) and the destruction / neutralization of ammunition.

The legacy of three wars on French territory (1870, 1914-1918, 1939-1945) and the operation of firing ranges or ammunition destruction since the end of the Second World War make France one of the countries most  explosive  " in the world  :

Between 600 and 800 tons of ammunition are extracted each year from the French underground.

DEMINETEC intervenes within the framework of development projects, land disposals or conversions of industrial wasteland in order to identify and prevent the pyrotechnic risk linked to ammunition. Then, depending on the analysis carried out and the needs or future uses of the site, we carry out the securing (demining / pyrotechnic depollution) of the areas concerned in order to guarantee a subsequent intervention by the operators (public works, VRD, chemical depollution companies , etc.) safely.

DEMINETEC deminers are recognized and have several decades of experience both in the private sector and for the benefit of the armed forces of the Ministry of Defense (EDEX/EOD qualifications).

Our know-how and our global vision of the risk related to ammunition have led us to offer our customers a simple, clear, technical, safe offer that is in line with legislation and the protection of their interests.

Our goal is to reduce or even eliminate, if possible, the pyrotechnic risk linked to the presence of unexploded ordnance in the ground.


Partenaire dépollution pyrotechnique et déminge
Historique pollution pyrtechnique
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